The amazing mash up that blended Grand Theft Auto's cinematic violence with Super Mario Bros. lore, The Brothers Mario, has spawned a sequel. This time, in The Brothers Mario 2, the fight goes to Donkey Kong Country.

The Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country pits a more streetwise and strapped Mario, Luigi, Toad and Yoshi against Candy, Cranky, Diddy and Funky in a vicious war for Mushroom Kingdom territorial control. The references are increasingly thick in this sequel, with a few more cameos that aren't worth spoiling here.


The machinima has even spawned a theme song, Rawn's "Do The Mario," which you can actually purchase via iTunes if Nintendo inspired hip-hop is your cup of tea.

Watch the Country Club's latest smart Grand Theft Auto IV machinima and see how many Nintendo gags you can spot.

Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country [YouTube]