Koei, the Yokohama-based game company best known for Dynasty Warriors, was recently vandalized. The studio's offices were graffitied with red spray paint.

"Shit game", "die", "garbage" and "divine retribution" were spray painted on the front of the building. There is speculation online that the graffiti is related to the most recent Dynasty Warriors.


However, Japanese netizens say that this building houses the company's online game servers.

"Divine retribution" ("tenchu") could also refer to the Tenchu series of stealth games - a series of games that isn't made by Koei, but Acquire. However, that seems unlikely as here the graffiti appears to be some sort of payback by an unhappy player.

These images appeared online today, and the individual who apparently took them this afternoon said the graffiti is most likely still all over the building.

【コラ?】無双シリーズで有名な「コーエー」に落書きされている画像がうpされる [Owacon Plus]