Daisenryaku Perfect: Ruler of the Battlefield is the latest entry in the Daisenryaku (Great Strategy) series of Japanese strategy games. It's coming to the PS3 and the Xbox 360, but wouldn't look out of place on the Sega Saturn. Perfect, this ain't.

The game is a port of the incredibly buggy PSP version - a game so buggy that some said it was unplayable - that was released last summer. It looks...pretty much like the PSP game! And that game didn't look so hot.


What Daisenryaku sacrifices on visual candy, it does offer its fans is a large array of weapons, customization and, according to the developer, advanced AI. The game will be out this June on the PS3 and Xbox 360, priced at ¥8,190 (US$101).

Graphics aren't everything, but at ¥8,000, they should be something.

[PS3/Xbox360]大戦略PERFECT〜戦場の覇者〜 オフィシャルWEBページ [SS-Alpha via はちま起稿]