I actually don't drink until the sun goes down, and these days I hardly drink. My mom once told me never to take a drink before noon. But then, Luke was telling me that you should if you've stayed up all night drinking. Hrm!

Every Single NES Game Getting A New Coat Of Paint Artist Campbell Whyte has embarked on a noble adventure: every day, he's painting a picture based on a Nintendo Entertainment System game. Every. Last. One.

Is Tiny Wings The Angry Birds Of 2011? Angry Birds is a wonderful game. But it's so 2010. And we're in 2011. We need a new mobile game to fall in love with. And this might be it.

This Lady Is A Walking Screenshot Cosplay, the art of dressing up like somebody else, is normally happy just looking like the character. Canadian Sheila isn't happy just looking like the character. She has to look like screenshots.

Virtual Idol RAGE!! Last year, Sega held concerts for virtual idol Miku Hatsune. The concerts enthralled fans and even garnered international media coverage. The latest Miku Hatsune concert wasn't held by Sega, and all it did was piss everyone off.

Rumor: Exploit Results In "Theft" Of $1.2 Million In Xbox Live Codes Yesterday, a forum user on website The Tech Game posted a way for people to scam free points for use on Xbox Live. By the time Microsoft found out and shut it down, over $1 million in codes had been "stolen".

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