Survival shooter Left 4 Dead features a whole cast of memorable zombies. So does upcoming zombie game Yakuza: Of The End. Thing is, I remember them being in Left 4 Dead first.

The demo for Yakuza: Of The End shows some of the zombies that appear in the game. They seem to be either homages or very blatant rip-offs of the Left 4 Dead zombies. In the Yakuza game, there's a L4D-type "Boomer" zombie called "Metabo" (referring to metabolic syndrome), a L4D-type "Tank" zombie called "Dekamacho" (big macho) and a L4D-type "Witch" zombie called "Nakionna" (crying lady). The Witch zombie continues crying when she appears, until she's disturbed.


In Yakuza: Of The End, the game's urban setting experiences an outbreak, turning folks into the walking dead. It's up to Kazuma Kiryu, a former gangster, to stop the zombies. The game will be out later this month in Japan. It will have Left 4 Dead like zombies in it. And hostesses.

PS3『龍が如く OF THE END』のゾンビがまんま「レフト4デッド」のパクリな件 [はちま起稿]