Last time I let a baby try and write a witty opening to a night note.

The Nintendo 3DS Is Stylish, Grown-Up And Flawed. Following up the most successful game handheld in history is no easy task. That's exactly what Nintendo is doing starting today. The future begins now.

This Killzone "Movie" Is Short, Sweet (And Muddy). This short fan film, by YouTube user pwnisher, isn't a piece of sponsored Killzone 3 marketing. But it's so impressive it could easily pass as one.

Sony Ads Turn Up In The Darndest Places. This isn't the first time Sony advertising has appeared in a football game on a Nintendo or Microsoft platform. It happens all the time. But there's something delightfully poignant about this particular case.

A VERY Close Look At The 3DS' Fancy Screens. The new Nintendo 3DS is able to produce a 3D image without the need for glasses. How can it do this? By using a "parallax barrier". Here's what one looks like up close.

So What Was The Most Popular 3DS Launch Game?. Japanese publishing giant (and sales trackers) Enterbrain have published some concrete sales figures for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS over the weekend, outlining exactly how many of the handhelds were sold, and what the most popular game was.