John St. John is SO going to be my new ringtone. "Kotako Kotako Kotako" Excellent. North Korean cryptogram in comments. Or soon will be, as promised.

Angry Birds, Cut The Rope and Now… Bugs Wars?
Shooters struggle to work on the iPhone and iPad because the people who play these sorts of games most, people like me, want tactile controls. We want thumbsticks. While Bugs Wars isn't a first-person shooter, it's a good reminder that you don't need to follow the traditional mechanics of a console...

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Farewell to a Fast Friend
Dedicated to all of the talented men and women at Bizarre Creations, this video created by the team's trailer editor should only be viewed with someone to hug nearby.

Dragon Age II Definitely Not As Dumbed Down As Mass Effect
Older gamers worry, with years of justification, that the games they can play today are less complex than the games they played yesterday. Another person's streamlining is their selling out.

Light-Absorbing Anti-Lasers Could One Day Rule Your Computer
Scientists at Yale University have created the world's first anti-laser, a device in which two beams of light clash together, ultimately cancelling each other out.

Kick to the Balls, Jelly Cars and a StarCraft Clone
Topping my list of gaming apps I need to check out this week is the StarCraft clone McWhertor wrote up yesterday. Much to my own surprise, Flick Kick Football is somehow number two. Here's your look at this week's Gaming Apps of the Day.

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You've Been Awarded A Medal of Honor Sequel
"Yes, Danger Close is currently working on the next Medal of Honor," writes the capably bearded exec producer of the modern day reboot of EA's shooter series.

Now You Can Play Gran Turismo 5 On Five HDTVs
The makers of Gran Turismo updated their real driving simulator for the PlayStation 3 earlier today, bringing with it a ton of fixes and features. It also included something for Gran Turismo 5's most serious players, multi-monitor support. Yes, you can now play Gran Turismo 5 on up to five...

A Vegas Club Offers a ‘Wine List' of Vintage Games
The idea, says Christopher LaPorte, is you'll come into his club, sit on a large, luxurious couch, and examine a list handed to you by an attractive cocktail waitress.