This week's look at gaming apps include a wonderful retro Cold War title, a knock-off of The Legend of Zelda and a very evil League.

A Painting Puzzler That Can Hurt Your Head Glow Artisan was a downloadable game for DS, but that might as well mean it was black ops. One of the better-kept-secrets on Nintendo's machine is now out for iPhone and iPad. It's painting mixed with puzzles.More »

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Rhythm Control Is Big In JapanThis is not your typical story: an American and a Swede meet over the Japanese language and decide to make a video game. That game then takes the Japanese iTunes charts by storm. More »

From Castle Crashers To…Cold War Missile Drama
Mother Russia (in this case The Behemoth, developers of Castle Crashers) needs to send a care package to the capitalist dogs in the United States. In a missile. And that's where you come in.

So This Is The iPhone's Answer To The Legend Of Zelda
There's a brave young warrior, a beautiful princess, a horse to ride, and pots to break open in search of treasure. I'd sure say Gameloft's Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden is the iPhone's answer to Zelda, but is it good?

League of Evil Offers a Meaty Experience of Its Own
Super Meat Boy's replayable challenge and smartly simple design would make it a natural for an iPhone, right? Yeah, not much chance we'll be seeing that. But consider League of Evil, which draws on the same concept while expanding it.