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The people who made the Scribblenauts and Drawn To Life are getting a little closer to explaining how their next game — a shooter, of all things — is unique.

Right now, they're still teasing. So the word from 5th Cell, via a press release today, is that their upcoming game Xbox Live Arcade game Hybrid will feature "Combat Focused Movement, an innovative new system unique to the shooter genre."

Any theories about what that means?

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They did get more specific about other things. The game will let players pick one of two factions, Variant or Paladin, and fight in "a persistent online world war" that supports "hundreds of thousands of other players across a single, unified world server." As you fight, you level up, unlock new weapons and upgrades.


And there's this "Combat Focused Movement." Anyone? The mystery is scheduled to be officially solved by 5th Cell during the Game Developers Conference in early March.