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Dead Space 2 became available for pre-purchase on digital download service Steam yesterday. It went live early this morning. So why aren't Steam users able to play it yet?

Several readers have alerted us to an issue with invalid serial key errors when trying to activate newly-purchased copies of Dead Space 2 on Steam. The issue is the subject of a growing thread in the Steam Dead Space forums, with user after user reporting their CD Key being rejected as invalid. Many are suggesting the problem lies with EA's digital rights management (DRM) servers not being available for validation.


Now Steam has posted this notice on the store page for Dead Space 2: "Notice: There is currently an error trying to activate the game. We are working with EA to resolve this issue as quickly as possible."

So Steam is aware of the issue, and they are working with EA to fix whatever is keeping PC players from playing. We've contacted EA for status on the issue and will update this post should we receive a reply.

Update: Now we're seeing reports that the activations are finally going through. Cross your fingers and give it a go!

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