Jun Komori started out as a fashion model, appearing in magazines like Popteen. There are tons of magazine models. So Jun started to be different by making stupid faces.

At a press conference today in Tokyo it was revealed that Komori will be the Yakuza franchise's latest massage "therapist" in the forthcoming Yakuza: Of The End. You know, the Yakuza game with zombies. Previous celebrity Yakuza massage therapists include model Ayana Tsubaki and former Morning Musume singer Mari Yaguchi.

Komori is a veteran model and promotes all kinds of make-up and whatnot (pics here), but she's increasingly playing up her wacky side. Because people love wacky.

It's a bit like when Jenny McCarthy started getting attention for being silly.

According to Komori, she's a big fan of the Yakuza series and because the last Yakuza game was on the PSP, she's jazzed that it's returning to the PS3 for upcoming title Yakuza: Of The End.


「龍が如く OF THE END」のセラピスト役は小森 純さんに決定。名越総合監督も出演したキャスト発表記者会見の模様をレポート(龍が如く OF THE END) [4Gamer.net]