Beloved, coveted Sega Saturn shoot 'em up Radiant Silvergun is coming to Xbox Live Arcade in 2011, thanks to developer Treasure. So too may a Radiant Silvergun arcade stick from Hori, but only if you really, really want it.

Hori is offering Treasure fans the opportunity to play Radiant Silvergun with a themed arcade stick and experience the rush of paying aftermarket Radiant Silvergun prices with a new Real Arcade Pro EX controller. Costing a cool 13,500 yen ($160 USD), the Real Arcade Pro.EX RS-1 for Xbox 360 will only be made if Hori receives enough pre-orders, reports Andriasang. Import fees will likely add a little more to the price, but we don't yet see pre-orders at the usual importers right now to see just how much.


The stick doesn't appear to differ from the high-end Hori sticks that many of us invested in for Street Fighter IV, but it does have a lovely Radiant Silvergun illustration on the top panel. Worth the money? That's for you to decide, Treasure fan.

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