Microsoft's new Kinect sensor continues to walk the path of Nintendo's Wii with Civil-War-reenactment precision. 1) Sports mini-game compilation released. 2) Talk show hosts made giddy. Now: 3) Accidental swattings and injuries immortalized on YouTube and elsewhere.

Up top is one unintended swat of one Kinect gamer by another. Here is a second, though the diaper-wearing injured party appears ready for revenge:

This is what happens, in some homes, when Microsoft releases an add-on called Kinect to the Xbox 360 that lets you control video games with movements of your body, no controller required. (Full Kinect coverage here.) It's the Wii all over again, minus anything to hold in your hand.

And here, in mere photo form, is the busted hand of one Bill Linn, gaming public relations man, who tells Kotaku: "Have exposed beams in my house at 9 ft. Went to spike the ball in deca sports volley ball. Ended up with a flap of skin and a lot of blood. EEEKKK!" [UPDATE: Bill misremembered which game he was playing. The offending party game was actually Kinect Sports.]

What was that Kinect tag line again? "You are the controller!" Microsoft, I believe the one of the next things Nintendo did was 4) encase the controller in a rubbery shell, for everyone's safety.

For the record, I've had Kinect for over a week and neither injured myself, anyone I played next to, nor my TV (unlike this person).