Starcraft II looks to be an amazing game in its own right, but it's also an incredible tool for making your own games.

When Blizzard took to the stage last year to show off the game editor for Starcraft II they were sure to bring with them examples of some incredible mods they had already created in-house. Of course they knew that once gamers got their hands on the editor their own mods would be quickly out done. And they were right.

With retail release of Starcraft II less than a week away, here's a quick run down of some of our favorite mods already making the rounds.

Metal Slug
This mod faithfully recreates the old Neo-Geo classic run-and-gun game from 1996. Players use the keyboard and mouse to control the game which supports easy, medium and hard modes. The mod includes seven weapons, four missions, two boss fights, vehicles and cheats.

Source:SC2 Mapster

This mod recreates the look of PC and Playstation 3 game flow by ThatGameCompany with a touch of Spore thrown in for good measure.

Source: Malu05a [Thanks Mads Lund]

Zombie Defence
This zombie-themed tower defense game has you placing and controlling turrets.

Source: ChangeGames

Classic space-shooter astreroids created in the world of StarCraft 2.

Source: SC2 Mapster

Chess, yes chess! Well, more like Battle Chess, but still pretty friggin great.

Source: SC2 Mapster

This original side-scrolling creation has gamers using arrows to move and turn, the shift button to jump and the spacebar to shoot.

Source: A1win

Final Fantasy
Classic role-playing game Final Fantasy gets the Starcraft II treatment with this mod. The mod includes music, magic and fancy menus.

Source: SkriK

In this arcade-style shooter players control a helicopter that circles the battlefield. Players have to click on enemies with their mouse to take them out. The more experience points you accrue the better your weapons and abilities become.

Source: malu05a

Crush Company
This original beat-em-up mod for Starcraft II lets you select from one of six characters and then drop into the game and button-mash your way through levels.

Source: CrushCompanyRocksIt

Steak Racing
This is a fun little almost top-down racer.

Source: SC2 Mapter

Resident Overmind
This is a survival horror game that drops the player-controlled space marine into a darkened map filled with hiding Zerg. The game includes a stationary camera and dynamic lighting.

Source: Zero1eye

Third-Person Shooter
Last year the folks at Blizzard showed off an amazing third-person shooter mod featuring a Ghost character. This is the first fan-made shooter mod I've seen. looks pretty cool so far.

Source: gameslave2