This fall's GoldenEye game on the Wii isn't a shot-for-shot remake of the Nintendo 64 James Bond original. It doesn't even use the same maps. But let's compare overlapping locations.

This is the Facility level in the N64 game.

So is this.


This is the Facility of the new game from a new screenshot released today.

We don't know how similar these facilities are supposed to be. But I do know that the Dam of the new GoldenEye is based on the dam level of the first game's.


Let's compare...

N64 Dam level, speed-run by someone on YouTube:

Wii Dam level, in pieces, from newest GoldenEye trailer:

No, that is not good enough. Let's look at stills. (Click them to enlarge them)



(The left half of these comparisons comes from another YouTube walkthrough of the Dam level; the right half comes from the GoldenEye Wii trailer)

Those parts of the Dam level are shot-by-shot recreations. But the Wii version deviates with a wild truck shootout and some other excitement. We'll be seeing more of this game this summer and hope to bring you all the GoldenEye info we can, so you know how the new one compares to the classic.