The maker of massively multiplayer online games Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest is making cuts this week, eliminating "just over 4% of its full-time workforce," Sony Online Entertainment reps tell Kotaku.

Those cuts total 35 employees, according to the company, and appear to be affecting multiple SOE divisions. Representatives for the publisher-developer offered the following statement. There may actually be an explanation buried deep within.

"In a move to better align the company's resources against areas of growth that meet consumer demand in today's online market as well as improve operational efficiency, Sony Online Entertainment has eliminated just over 4% of its full-time workforce, equaling 35 people," the statement reads. "The changes will better position SOE to deliver against its emphasis on developing games for a wider, more diverse audience and remaining a worldwide leader in online gaming."

Sony Online Entertainment has multiple projects in the works for the PC and PlayStation 3, including titles like DC Universe Online, The Agency and Magic: The Gathering - Tactics.