For such a revered game, Okami shipped on PS2 and Wii with little fanfare. There was no "Legendary Edition" shipping with a set of paintbrushes and an authentic wolf's skin. Okamiden is looking to make amends!

The DS successor to the PS2/Wii classic will in Japan ship in this collector's edition, which for a humble little DS game is extravagant. It includes a copy of the game, enormous box, a soundtrack, DVD, storybook (incuding illustrations), plush figure keyring and adorable little earphones. Those ordering it from Capcom's online store in Japan will also get a celestial brush stylus to go with it.

How much will all this cost? ¥8000, which is around USD$90. Okamiden will be out in Japan on September 30, while over here, it's not out until 2011.