There are two types of cars in Gran Turismo 5: "Standard", of which there are over 800 available, and "Premium", of which there are just over 200. The standard cars are nice, but the premium ones are amazing.

While the differentiation may sound like something you have to pay extra for, the premium cars are in fact the ones developers Polyphony Digital have obsessed most over, recreating them as in-game models down to the most ridiculously intricate detail. Not because it improves gameplay in any way. Just because it's the kind of thing that sends car nuts, well, nuts.


From individual lines on a radiator grill to upholstery to seatbelts to the fact they even have high and low beams for night racing, these cars look as close to the real thing as this generation's hardware is going to allow.

You can check them out in this gallery. In case you can't tell the difference, the real cars are on the left, GT5 cars on the right. ALso, be sure to check back later tonight for more GT5 screens, this time with some beautiful shots showcasing the game's tracks (including the Top Gear test track).