Just in time for the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, BioWare reveals the frozen wastes of Hoth as the next playable planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Hoth was the scene of the opening battle in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back, in which the Imperial forces invade a hidden Rebel base, driven by Darth Vader's obsession with his son Luke. I suppose I should have spoiler alerted that bit. Oh well.

In the time of The Old Republic, Hoth is a hotly contested planet. A large-scale war between the Republic and Imperial fleets left the planet littered with the wreckage of some of the most technologically advanced ships in existence, and the planet now hosts a three-way struggle for salvage between the two factions and space pirates.


The background doesn't really matter much here though. This is how visits to Hoth will go down.

Player A: "You know, this looks like a great place for a hidden base."
Player B: "It would be perfect for a battle between giant, four-legged mechs and tiny snow ships armed with tow cables."
Player A: "It's so cold I could crawl inside a gutted Tauntaun."

And so on.

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