Readers of PC Gamer, one of the last bastions of the specialist press for the platform, have been voting on what they think are the best 100 PC games of all time. And the results are in!

The results of course skew towards more contemporary titles, and as such serve more as an illustration of the taste of the time than of all time, but still. Interesting reading!

I find it strange that there's not a single Civilization, X-Wing or X-Com game in the top 10. I also find it strange that Modern Warfare 2, perhaps the antithesis to all that is good about PC online titles, ranks so highly. Oh, wait, did I say strange? I meant depressing. Depressing.

I'm going to completely spoil things by showing the top ten here, with the full 100 available over at PC Gamer.

1. Half-Life 2
2. Fallout 3
3. EVE Online
4. Deus Ex
5. Team Fortress 2
6. Modern Warfare 2
7. Oblivion
8. Dragon Age
9. Half-Life
10. World of Warcraft


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