In the past month, all three platform holders have handed in their financial results for the 2009 fiscal year. Bean-counters are pleased, but so are we, because we now know how many consoles have been sold worldwide.

As you know, the Wii leads, yet despite its head-start on the market the Xbox 360's lead over the PlayStation 3 is a precarious one, Microsoft's continued success in the US market obviously not translating to Japan and Europe.

As of March 31, 2010, then, here are your worldwide sales figures for the three current generation consoles.

Wii - 70.9 million
Xbox 360 - 40.3
PS3 - 35.9

Wondering how long it'll be until the PS3 catches the 360? Who knows what effect Project Natal will have on sales of Microsoft's console, but taking things as they stand, between 2008 and 2009, PS3 sales increased by three million. Over the same time, 360 sales decreased by 2.6 million.


[via Shacknews]