One of China's most successful actresses Zhang Ziyi (Rush Hour 2, 2046) is engaged to Vivi Nevo, a venture capitalist and a hardcore online gamer. Make that was engaged, rumors say.

According to XINMSN, Nevo also occasionally enjoys online dating — which can be problematic if, you know, one is already engaged. "Now, it seems something got brewing between him and an unknown girl online to the extent he has broken off his engagement with actress Ziyi," states the site. "Several netizens have claimed that the Israeli multi-millionaire is in love with a fellow forum user."


The actress, who first burst on the international scene with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, confirmed her engaged with the publicity-shy businessman in summer 2008. Their wedding has been postponed repeatedly, however.

Watch out for the internet, people!

Is Zhang Ziyi's engagement to Vivi off? - Celebrity Gossip on xinmsn Entertainment [XINMSN via fuckedgaijin] [Pic]