Everyone has their reasons. What's yours, sister?

Japanese website Otalabo polled over 600 individuals about what led them to become an "otaku". Otalab focuses on polling teenage females, and it should be noted that the website uses the word "otaku" and not the gender specific fujoshi, which means literally means "rotten girl". The term "otaku" can encompass a wide variety of interests, from video games to anime and from model trains to military goods.

Have a look:

What led you to become an otaku?

1. Manga (26 percent)
2. Anime (17 percent)
3. Friends (16 percent)
4. Games (8 percent)
5. Siblings (8 percent)
6. Boys Love (3 percent)
7. Novels (3 percent)
8. Voice actors (2 percent)
9. Movies (2 percent)
10. Mobile Internet (2 percent)


γ‚ͺタクにγͺγ£γŸγγ£γ‹γ‘γ‚’γƒ³γ‚±γƒΌγƒˆγ€€γ‚ͺγ‚Ώγƒ©γƒœ [OTALAB via Sankaku Complex NSFW] [Pic by Jeremy Goldberg]