What a week for Kotaku reviews! There were nine of them—ten if you count Owen Good's impromptu review of the KFC Double Down "sandwich." Read on for our scoreless reviews of Nier, Alan Wake and much, much more.

Tecmo Bowl Throwback Micro-Review: Retro-Rockin' Football
In which Owen Good's NFL team bias is laid out in full. He hates the Cowboys!

Picross 3D Review: Block The Monkey
In which I... wait, I'll tell you in a second. I'm almost done with this puzzle.

Iron Man 2 Movie Review: Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?
In which Luke Plunkett is ensnared by the Black Widow, but sees red when remembering Scarlet Johansson.

Nier Review: Not Without His Daughter
In which Mike Fahey finds beauty in the ugliness of Nier. What? He's the one who said he looked like a dog.

FIFA World Cup 2010 Review: I Got 199 Teams, But Vatican City Ain't One
In which Luke Plunkett loses a game to his wife.

Alan Wake Review: Transcending Its Medium
In which Brian Crecente can practically be heard beaming with delight over the horror of it all.

Gurlz Vs Robots Micro Review: 11 Fingers of Fun
In which Brian Crecente gets touchy feely with 11 of his extremities. Do not ask to borrow his iPad.

Dante's Inferno: The Trials of St. Lucia Review: Totilo's Inferno
In which Stephen Totilo helps to write what could be the inspiration for the next Visceral Games project (or at least a playable trial or two).

Real Racing HD Micro-Review: Relief For The Driving Impaired
In which Mike Fahey shows his handicapable side.