The sequel to 2006's Silent Hill will begin shooting in Toronto this coming spring, the film's producer says.

Speaking with Fear.Net, Don Carmody, the producer of both Silent Hill films and the upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife, said that production on Silent Hill 2 is moving forward despite the hate mail he is receiving about it.


"We have always been cognizant of that — we can't make the movies just for gamers," he said. "Of course, we always run the risk of incurring the wrath of the gamers — who are very vocal. I did Silent Hill and we are planning a Silent Hill 2 — we were getting hate mail for that one."

Carmody says they plan to start on Silent Hill 2, meant to be a "more accessible" film than the last, in late spring in Toronto.

The producer also talked a bit about Resident Evil: Afterlife, which he just finished shooting. The fourth in the series will bring with it plenty more "zombies" and 3D.


"When Alice is running down a corridor firing machine guns, the shells are whizzing past your ears," he said. "It's quite amazing."

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