First things first, this lab makes repeat appearances. There are allusions to somebody being "revived", and a look at that clock reveals what may well be a 2010 date (albeit in the Japanese back-to-front style).

Here's a missile launch. Hard to tell what exactly is going on, but it looks like it's at the coast, so maybe a submarine-launched nuclear weapon?

Dudes in the snow. What, you didn't think the entire game was going to be set in jungles, did you?

Hello, Black Ops. Apocalypse Now called, it wants its chopper sequences back.

This brief chase through the jungle may look like Vietnam, but feels a lot more "Clear and Present Danger" (ie Central or South America) to me.

This is not an astronaut. He's not a cosmonaut, either. He's an SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance craft pilot. They had to wear this stuff because the plane flew so high it may as well have been in space.

Not quite sure what chopper this is (it's not a Hind or a Cobra), but it's clear it's blowing up shit (and men) on that rope bridge. Looks like another South American sequence, too.

The SR-71, which first saw active service in the late 60's, in action. Will we actually get to fly one? Who knows. We didn't get to pilot the ISS in Modern Warfare 2...

You can only just make it out at the top, but that's definitely a straw hat. Straw hats and Soviet weapons in a video game about the Cold War can only mean Viet Cong.

This one's potentially most interesting. That's a Steyr-AUG assault rifle, which didn't see service until 1977, meaning this game may span decades.