The PlayStation 2 is 10-years-old today, and just saying happy birthday and talking about our PS2 experiences isn't enough! Take a picture of your PS2 and share it with the class. You show us yours, and I'll show you mine.

Unfortunately my last bulky PlayStation 2 console, complete with clear plastic case mod, was retired a few years ago, when I lent it to my niece, who's toddler liked to use the controller cord as a whip. I replaced that one with a black PS2 Slim, seen below, which I tricked out with a pop-up cover so I could play imports and press preview copies via swap disc. I assure you that when I say imports and press preview copies, there are no air quotes.


Last year I discovered that I needed a good DVD player for my bedroom. After going through to horrible $39 discount models, I decided to go with the one DVD player that's never let me down. The silver PS2 Slim sits atop my bedroom dresser, hooked up to a 32-inch LCD TV and oftentimes buried under stacks of graphic novels and DVD cases. I'd like to think it feels the love.

So now that I've shown you mine, it's your turn. Show us your PlayStation 2, be it proudly displayed in your entertainment center, or buried beneath a pile of cables in a box in your closet.