Before the brouhaha at Tecmo, game designer Tomonobu Itagaki made a name for himself making fighting games. He's currently working on another title, which he hinted at last year.

Does that mean we'll see another fighting game from him? "Because I made the best fighting game in the world, Dead or Alive, at my former employer," Itagaki told Japanese game magazine Famitsu, "it's futile to do battle with my own daughter." Like most creators who view their work as their children, Itagaki clearly views the series as his daughter, and it sounds like he is apparently ready to move on.


"Fighting games today are at an impasse," Itagaki added. According to him, the fighting game, DOA withstanding, generation ended a long time ago.

Itagaki also revealed that his new title is being developed on new game engine that has been built by assembling world class tech.