Is DC Comics' Justice League getting a video game adaptation to go along with the possible George Miller-directed, big budget feature film? It sure looks that way.

While the big screen version of Justice League may be experiencing a bumpy ride in its trip to theaters, it appears, based on a batch of screen shots sent our way by an anonymous tipsters, that the video game is already in production. While the majority of the shots feature game environments, logos for characters like Batman and Wonder Woman can be seen in some. The Flash and what appears to be Wonder Woman appear in others, as do shots of Superman's home of Metropolis.

The screens were taken from an ex-Shiny Entertainment artist's online portfolio, the development studio behind movie-to-game adaptations like The Golden Compass and The Matrix: Path of Neo. The developer, part of Double Helix, has also been pegged to a game based on Warner's Green Lantern film.

There are plenty of screens here, which appear to feature environments based on Justice League mainstays Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Superman.