During tonight's Fourth Meal-timed trip to Taco Bell, you might want to bring some extra cash. The fast food joint is apparently handing out classic Atari games alongside purchases of its popular imitation of Mexican food.

Kotaku reader LostCrichton scooped up attractively boxed copies of Super Breakout, Centipede, Lunar Lander and Asteroids at a Portland, Oregon location, all for the price of one Taco Bell kids meal plus an $4.50 for the remaining three. Not a bad deal, especially if you plan on eating tacos and sauce packets for dinner tonight.

The Flash-based games feature classic versions of each, plus updated remakes based on the the Atari Classics Evolved releases from a few years ago. Certainly no worse than that copy of Sneak King or Big Bumpin' you got from Burger King. Factor that—and the collectible nature of each—into your decision to put a gordita into your system. Do they still have gorditas?

Anyone grab these yet, besides our friendly neighborhood tipster?

Update: Looks like this promotion hasn't gone wide yet, but here's another pic of the box.