Continued strong sales of New Super Mario Bros. Wii means continued strong sales of the Wii. In fact, this week's sales are much better than the week prior, putting the Wii atop the Media Create chart with 135,000-plus sales.

Anticipation for Final Fantasy XIII also means a big boost for the PlayStation 3, which moved an impressive 75,000 units in Japan this past week, a number we expect to see dwarfed next week when hardware numbers arrive.


Sales were up across the board with one exception, the PSPgo. And while the DSi shows strong, the Nintendo DSi LL isn't quite matching sales of its DS siblings. Sales were up over the week prior, but not in line with other variations on Nintendo's dual screen platform.

I mean, look at these numbers and tell me what you see.

  • Wii - 135,898
  • PlayStation 3 - 75,086
  • PSP - 71,885
  • Nintendo DSi - 68,184
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 58,006
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 11,376
  • Xbox 360 - 10,646
  • PSPgo - 3,077
  • PlayStation 2 - 2,463

That's a total of 436,621 hardware units sold in Japan, according to Media Create, compared to 357,013 consoles and handhelds sold the week prior.