Whether you're a hard-working entrepreneur running your own store or a corporate executive overseeing a worldwide chain, what will you do as a video game retailer to make 2010 a better year for the game industry than 2009?

We've already explored the world of game publishing in 2010 from our reader's point of view, and now our second installment of "What Will You Do?" takes a look at the place people buy video games. How can retail video game outlets improve the industry in the coming year? Retailers are a powerful force in video gaming, having a say in what games will be stocked and in what quantities and how games are marketed to players, while also playing an important role as the consumer's direct-link to the games industry, giving newcomers their first impressions of the hobby we know and love. Retailers are also responsible for the used video game market, which grows larger and (some would say) more threatening every day.

Flip on the neon open sign and get to work!