Thanks to everyone who came out to last week's Child's Play fundraiser in Denver.

That includes the reader who drove, DROVE, from Florida to partake in the raising of funds for a good cause. Also to Harmonix who flew from Boston to hang for a night.

It was the best event in Denver to date with a crowd of gamers dancing and drinking under an absurdly large disco ball, people up on stage playing Rock Band and DJ Hero and folks on a second floor enjoying the free console arcade.


Last year we managed to raise a surprising $4,000. This year we brought in more than that just at the door. The total funds raised in Denver last Thursday night comes to $6,508. And because so many people donated their time, their shwag, their building, heart and soul, 100 percent of the money raised is going to the charity and none to the act of raising money for it.

You should pat yourself on the back for making this such a fun time for such a good cause. And if you have spare cash, or the desire to give non-spare cash away. Hit up Child's Play directly.

And if you have them, feel free to post your own pics from the event in comments. Special thanks to photographers Phillip Loeb and Allen for these photos.