Blizzard has spawned a new Zerg strain for StarCraft II, the race's biggest and most brutal, the legendary Brutalisk. So what is this giant monstrosity? And what does it do?

Well, as those of you who may have read the spoiler-laden version of our StarCraft II single-player preview may already know, the Brutalisk doesn't do much more than intimidate... and die. It's one of a handful of non-playable unit types that StarCraft II brings to the table, a powerful, well armored beast that is best avoided while hunting fresh vespene geysers.

This "surprise custom unit," as Blizzard calls it, shouldn't be a multiplayer balance concern. But maybe someday we'll see more of it in one of those StarCraft II expansions coming... way, way in the future.

(Pro tip: Click on the thumbnail above to make it Brutal-sized.)