I've been slightly intrigued with game controller Emotiv since I had a chance to go brains on with it a few years back in San Francisco.

Sure I looked uncomfortable using my Ki to move stuff around in a game, but it was... neatish. But is it $300 neatish?


Emotiv Systems is rolling out a limited edition version of their Epoc PC controller, which uses sensors to "tune into electronic signals produced by the brain", on Dec. 21 for $299. The fact that it's a limited roll-out and that there's no mention of the games designed specifically for the device gives me major pause.

If you're interested in this tech, I'd say hold off until other early adopters have worked out the kinks for you. And if you must, must, must have this now, go watch the video of me trying it before you buy.

Epoc [Emotiv]