How old do you have to be to not get that games aren't just for kids? 40, according to EA. Though not everyone over 40 is guilty of that. Sound right?

In a story about the increased acceptance of sex and sexuality in video games, the Calgary Herald got EA spokesperson Colin MacRae to draw the line between those who get it — and those who don't.

|The confusion around mature content in video games typically starts with the over-40 crowd, who just don't understand the medium. They think video games are Pong and they should be seeing the Friendly Giant, and that it's a kids medium," says Macrae. "There's still a large chunk of the population that doesn't get it. Today, the audience for video games is as diverse as the audience is for TV, is as diverse as the audience is for movies."

Ever meet anyone under 40 who doesn't understand that games are capable of including mature subject matter? Or did MacRae get it right?

Sex grows up in gaming world; As technology has improved, attitudes have matured [Calgary Herald]