Riot Games today adds five new characters to the ever-expanding roster of champions in League of Legends, the upcoming multiplayer online battle arena.

Champions are the characters that your Summoner summons to represent them on the field of battle, and Riot is going out of its way to make sure there's a large selection available at launch. Of these latest five, four are already available in the closed beta, while the fifth will be added later on this week.

Click on the photos for short bios of each of the five new champions.

Corki, the Daring Bombardier

Corki brings his talents as a fighter pilot to bear on the Fields of Justice. Up high, he sees much further than most of his foes. His advanced weaponry allows him to lock onto a target, viciously hounding it while also painting it for the rest of his team. The automatic guns of Corki's gyrocopter can fire at nearby enemies nearly continuously, filling the air with whizzing leaden bullets. However, his bombing runs are what give him his appellation. He is capable of cluster bombing an area, unleashing a furious firestorm, as well as piloting his dreaded bombing runs, where all within his path must face his wrath.

He is Corki – death from above!

Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem

Blitzcrank is techmaturgical marvel; he is a slow metal bruiser who is a challenge to bring down. When Blitzcrank is in mortal danger, he automatically converts his mana-enriched fuel into a protective barrier that keeps the mighty machine going. Rockets in his wrist propel his fist into enemies, grabbing them and dragging them back to the waiting machine. He is able to charge up his mechanical fists, inflicting increased damage on an unsuspecting target. Blitzcrank can also energize his inner circuits to randomly arc electricity into nearby enemies; he can further increase this power to trigger an electromagnetic shock wave, silencing his foes. Despite his normally plodding nature, he is capable of firing his systems into overdrive, rocketing himself around at amazing speeds.

The Great Steam Golem is quickly becoming the most feared magical automaton in all of Valoran.

Taric, the Gemknight

Taric is both a warrior and a healer, drawing on the mystical powers of the earth. Taric uses different kinds of gems for different kinds of effects, shattering his enemies' defenses while boosting his own and those of his team. When needed, he uses his father's arts to bring health back to his wounded allies; his persistence in combat allows him to heal more rapidly. Taric can also use the damaging energies of his gems to focus his anger into a dazzling ray of light, damaging opponents at a distance. If he truly concentrates, he can channel the powerful energy of the crystals in the earth, rallying and healing allies that surround him.

Kassadin, the Voidhunter

Kassadin has harnessed the power of the Void. His Nether Blade steals the magical energy of his opponents. This dark blade also allows him to fire ethereal bolts of Void energy, not only harming his enemies, but inhibiting their ability to utilize their mystical abilities. Kassadin draws energy from others' magical use, charging him until he unleashes a force pulse that both damages and slows foes. His connection with the Void also allows him to transform the damage he takes from other Champions, increasing the speed of his attacks. Kassadin can also step sideways through the world, teleporting where he pleases. He can utilize this rift-walking ability multiple times to deal more and more damage.

Veigar, the Malefic One

As one might expect, Veigar brings the power of dark magic to bear. He fires dark bolts of mystical energy that not only harm foes, but strips their protective armors right from their beings. Veigar has the power to snatch a meteor from the heavens and bring it down upon a terrestrial target. He may also channel his power into an intense single-target magical strike, one that increases in lethality based on how much mana the sorcerer has at his fingertips. Furthermore, Veigar can also permeate the ground with magic, constricting and stunning any foe that enters the area.

Who says evil needs to come in a fearsome-looking package?