Clearly getting out of the way of the release of Executive Assistant Iris #3, comic publishers are releasing just two four video-game-themed comics today. Sorry for skipping last week and not getting to post about this Dead Space Extraction comic.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #45 ... Written by John Jackson Miller. Drawn by Brian Ching

Summary Via Publisher Dark Horse Comics:
Despite a disastrous first encounter with the Crucible, Zayne Carrick is still determined to end the brutality they promote in their business. But this time, he plans to break them from the inside out!


Having set himself up to be captured by the slavers, when this former Padawan arrives at the Crucible's training facility, it will be all he can do to survive, let alone focus on learning about their organization. His connection to the Force will give him an unexpected insight — one that he doesn't necessarily want. And when a past nemesis of his friend Jarael appears, Zayne begins to worry that entering the Crucible may be the biggest mistake of his life!

Starcraft #4... Written by Simon Furman. Drawn by Federico Dallocchio and Brian Denham

Summary Via Publisher Wildstorm Entertainment:
The War Pigs are getting closer and closer to hunting down renegade marshal Jim Raynor, but obstacles and internal conflict continue to muddy the mission waters. Far-from-gentle giant Turfa Dei confronts the ghosts of his past while the team faces off against present day ghosts – the Dominion's elite and deadly.

World of Warcraft #23... Written by Walter and Louise Simonson. Drawn by Mike Bowden

Summary Via Publisher Wildstorm Entertainment:
Following an attempt on Med'an's life, Garona and Meryl team up to take out the ogre Cho'gall. Meanwhile Med'an, Valeera and Maraad travel to Kharazhan to speak with the shade of Med'an's father. Further explore the world of the best-selling MMORPG in this hit comic series!

Prototype #6... Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Drawn by Darick Robertson
Summary Via Publisher Wildstorm Entertainment:
The hit comic based on the game concludes! Biological weapons, unhinged commandos, violent creatures and more round out this final issue! New York City stands as a symbol of our nation, but if New York homicide detectives can't rise to the occasion and stop events that are in play, NYC will become a wasteland.