Last week, Kotaku Talk Radio listener Ben Galley heroically freed fellow reader Jon Q. from a jam and gave him a free PAX ticket. John asked me if he could report on his PAX adventure and 23 swag T-shirts.

From John Q (and, no, I did not ask him to call me "Mr."):

Thanks to Ben Galley and, I was able to experience PAX in all its gaming glory. Playing Uncharted 2 and God of War were some of the best parts of my trip, but the very best part of my trip happened by coincidence. I just so happened to sit behind a Mr. Stephen Totilo at a Spike special! Meeting Totilo was worth the trip itself, but as if that wasn't cool enough, I got to meet Geoff Keighley and Daniel Kayser from Game Trailers TV.

After all the gaming, and all the swag collecting, and seeing Totilo everywhere after meeting him, I was looking back on my trip to PAX and wishing I could rewind the day just to do it all again. All in all, I couldn't have had a more amazing trip to my first convention. Thanks again Ben and Kotaku, you've made this gamer's year! – Jon Q

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