Too excited to wait until I got back to my hotel, I grabbed a seat at a table outside of the Anaheim Convention Center and sorted through the contents of my BlizzCon 2009 swag bag.

The swag bag this year is dominated by a box, and inside that box is the nOObz StarCraft II Raynor figure. The urban vinyl figure is simply gorgeous, tempting me to pick up a few friends for him tomorrow during the convention. Other than that, the code for the Grunty the Murloc Space Marine World of Warcraft in-game pet, and the ever-present hand sanitizer, this year's bag is rather limited, but the quality is definitely top-notch. If you'll excuse me, I am going to go curl up in bed with Raynor now.

The magical bag of hope and wonder.

YAY flyers!

A little black box. What could be inside?

Hand sanitizer. Extremely important at BlizzCon, especially with so many elf cosplayers running about.

Inside the mysterious black box...a mini preview version of the World of Warcraft magazine, with a coupon for a free murloc with subscription. Bah.

Gaze upon the glory of the nOObz Raynor figure.

Steel Series is giving out a key that could unlock treasure, or coupons or something.

He begs for fondling, but I resist him.

The Grunty card and code was tucked inside my badge holder.

The back of said Grunty card.

Raynor in the box.

Really, you just want to lick him.

The back of the limited edition Blizzard Authenticator

And the front!