Music inspired directly by video games tends to be fairly limited in scope. Chiptunes, hip-hop, some electronica, and the odd piece of folk. Sludgefeast are none of those things.

They are instead a good, old-fashioned rock band. I picked up their album "Virtua Rock" a few weeks back in a second-hand record store purely because the cover was in the style of a Mega Drive game, only it featured a big hairy man with a guitar. And I normally enjoy the kind of music that comes from big hairy men with guitars.


It also helped that the album had songs called "Outrun, Motherfucker" and "Thunderforce, Motherfucker".

Equal parts awesome and hilarious, I got in touch with the band, and found out that beyond Virtua Rock they weren't just a Sega rock band. They brought a dirty, heavy, fuzzy rock sound to all kinds of gaming topics.

Headed by James on vocals and guitar, with Coirin on vocals and bass and James II on drums, the band have released 7 albums, culminating in their latest, "Transamplification", a 2-disc album featuring tracks like "Romero vs Carmack", "Where Is CHavez?" and "Geometry Wars, Motherfucker".


If this sounds like something you might be interested in (see: gamers, and/or fans of Nebula, Mondo Generator), you can grab some of their albums off Undertow Records or iTunes.