Infinity Ward's eagerly anticipated follow up to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare hits retail shelves this November, but the sequel is being featured in the latest issue of Game Informer right now.

And that means highly coveted details on Modern Warfare 2 went from print to internet at lightning speeds. Game Informer subscribers and advanced recipients who already have the issue in hand have revealed information on the game, which is said to be set a few years after the events of Call of Duty 4. In Modern Warfare 2, players will tackle a Russian terrorist threat in icy locales—where snowmobiles in war makes sense.


But don't count on cooperative play during Modern Warfare 2's story mode. That multiplayer option looks to be limited to the game's "Special Forces" mode, which is described by Infinity Ward president Jason West as "in the spirit of [the] Mile High Club" mission from Call of Duty 4.

West also describes the gameplay in Modern Warfare 2 as "wide open and has a lot of variety." But expect a similarly linear story, one just a touch longer than that of its Infinity Ward-developed precursor, because West contends that "any good story is on rails."

For more details and some spectacular looking screen shots of the game in action, pick up the newest issue of Game Informer as soon as you see it.