Thrustmaster today unveiled a stand for the DSi and a strap that doubles as a charger for the portable.

The T-Standee Charger is a multi-position docking station for the DSi that also allows uses to charge their console. The stand can rotate so you can play or view your DSi either horizontally or vertically. I'm not quite sure why one would want to surf the Internet on their DSi with just one hand, but I'm sure there must be reasons.


The T-Strap Charger is a wrist strap with a safety slider and charging case. When not being used as a strap, you can split the strap apart and plug one end into the Wii remote and the other into a USB to charge the controller.

The standee is listed as 12.99€ while the T-Strap Charger is listed for 7.99€.