We've seen stranger marketing deals than this PSP-badged version of Citroen's new C-Crosser sports utility vehicle. Not many, though.

The French car manufacturers have teamed up with Sony to bring us a vehicle that is...well, it's a French SUV that eschews the latest fad of installing in-built iPod support in favour of in-built PSP support.

Meaning, you can stuff your PSP (the car comes with a free one, along with a 4GB memory stick and a couple of games) into a custom PSP-sized hole in the back of the driver's seat. Oh, and there's a PSP badge on the back of the car, too. And that's it.

The C-Crosser PSP is priced at €33,990 (USD$43,340). For that price, let's hope it can go 4-8 hours without the battery running out.


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