Our stripe contest continues! Reader Okor sends this, writing, "Believe me, this picture was NOT easy to get, what with my dog being super-fast and all."

No stuffed dogs were hurt while taking this picture. What's going on? We're giving away a copy of Xbox 360 game Race Pro.

Racing stripes make race cars go faster. Face it, they do. Just look at Race Pro's box art. Here's the contest: Put racing stripes on something - anything*!

Racing stripes on a phone? It goes faster. Racing stripes on a cat? It goes faster. Racing stripes on a mop? That's right, it goes faster.

Entries must be 807 pixels wide and in JPEG format. There needs to be a Kotaku sign in the photo as well. Please send entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom.


Winner gets a copy of Race Pro. Losers get INTERNET FAME. Continues ends this Sunday.

*Note: You actually have to put stripes on something - Photoshop doesn't count!