More game girl figurines — endless! At the recent a recent hobby show in Japan, plasticized versions of Iroha, Cammy and Poison all put in sculpted appearances.

Iroha, from SNK's fighting game Samurai Shodown, is miniaturized into 1/6 scale. This is a prototype, hence the lack of color, but a finalized version is slated for future release.


Street Fighter's Cammy is the latest entry in the "Capcom Girls Collection" line of PVC figures. Priced at ¥8,190 (US$82), she's slated for a July release.

Joining Cammy is Poison from Capcom beat-'em-up Final Fight. This is the "black version" of the line's Poison figurine. It's 260mm in scale and was sculpted by Mitsumasa Yoshizawa, who's responsible for the Cammy figure as well.

M-RS氏デザイン「いろは」他、やまとブース 【ホビコンGK01レポ】 [Moeyo! NSFW]