The official website for the iPhone's Metal Gear Solid Touch updated today unveiling a bevvy of new details about the upcoming Konami title.

Looking through the site, it appears that Metal Gear Solid Touch will be a rail-shooter of sorts based on the storyline of Metal Gear Solid 4 which will also offer up unlockable wallpapers for your device as you play through the game.

"Experience Metal Gear Solid 4's story as you fight through each action-packed stage," according to the site."Fire battles and familiar faces await you around every corner."

The game will feature "touch-based shooting" which will allow you to move a reticule around with your finger, zoom in and out by pinching the screen and shooting by tapping. Judging by the snippets shown on the official webpage it looks like you will be dropped into static settings where you will then have to shoot bad guys as they jump out from behind cover. It appears that shooting is a timed action.

The game will include a "special advance release edition" which will let you download the first half of Metal Gear Solid 4's story in advance, according to the website. The save data from the early look will automatically carry over when you update to the final release.


The game will also feature "Drebin Points" which you earn by clearing each stage and which can be later used to purchase more than 40 unique wallpapers.

I'm told that the first trailer for the game will be aired tonight on Spike TV's GameTrailer TV. I assume that the site will update with the trailer shorter after that.