Behold the box art and a bountiful harvest of new screens for Majesco's follow-up to the wildly popular Cooking Mama, Gardening Mama, starring our favorite mush-mouthed mother figure, only this time she's outside.

Mama encourages you to grow plants, decorate your garden, and share your creations with your friends in Gardening Mama, which takes the mini-game formula of the Cooking Mama series and tosses it out the window into the backyard. As you can see from the current crop of scenes, things are pretty much business as usual in the Mama household, with the big-headed matron granting words of encouragement whether or not you win or lose, though the fire in her eyes when you fail layers on the guilt as only a mother can.


Gardening Mama is due out in April for the Nintendo DS, just in time for whatever it is that gardeners do in April. I think it might involve a hoe.