Take a gander at this special, limited edition commemorative Street Fighter IV coin, available exclusively to folks who pre-order Capcom's next big fighting game from retailer GameCrazy.

The commemorative Street Fighter 20th Anniversary coin is a thing of joy and wonder, encompassing everything it means to be a coin, while still commemorating an event. It comes in a lovely display card, with Ryu on the inside and interesting Street Fighter facts printed on the back. It's just the sort of thing I could move out of the way while looking for misplaced game discs for years to come!


Yes, as the resident of a non-GameCrazy state, I too am a little bit disappointed, but I know I can live vicariously through those folks that do happen to have one right down the street from them. Just promise me this - when you get it, log in and tell us how it feels.

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