Creat and Tikgames are combining gamers' craving for puzzles with their deep-seated love of geometric shapes, resulting in Cuboid, a new puzzler coming soon to the PlayStation Network.

In a post over at PlayStation.Blog, Creat Studios producer Olga Sokolova discusses the new 3D puzzle game, available "soon" on the PlayStation Network for $9.99. Cuboid is a game that involves maneuvering a 3D block through a series of mazes, with various obstacles placed throughout each level in order to make things much more difficult to get from point A to point B. You'll encounter teleporters, switches, and weak tiles that crumble away as you traverse them, meaning a well-planned route is your key to victory.


The game will be released with 66 different levels, with premium packs promised to add to the challenge. Along with the puzzling fare comes the promise of lovely graphics and "soothing music", which is quickly become the hallmark of an original PSN title. Check out the link for more screens and a video of Cuboid in action.

Cuboid Coming Soon Exclusively to PSN []